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Vallalar Mission "Be Earnest - One should have to hunger after truth Be Thyself - One should avoid getting caught by delusion Be Watchful - One should be constantly vigilant over the activities of the senses" - vallalar
Azhnilai Dhyana Mugaam – About Programme

Meet Your Transcendental Nature

The ultimate ideal of human existence is enjoying the everlasting bliss of the Supreme Divine by transforming oneself into a body free from disease, aging, decay and death. Profound meditation techniques are taught to transcend mind and to attain self realisation and giving a way to God realisation.


To unravel the greatest mysteries of our self, one has  to transcend the body, mind and Without breaking the barriers of these, one’s efforts land in futility. In the serene depth of meditation the glorious nature of the resplendent self is revealed. The bewitching senses lure ordinary mortals away from spiritual pursuits. They drag him to abysmal ignorance to give false reality to the earthly pleasures. The mind invariably follows the senses rather than the intuition. If one tastes the bliss of the self, worldly pleasures become insipid. These  three days camps are a great  chance to see the reflection of our own Self. These  days are meant only for introspection and meditation with observing silence which help us to be away from the stress and strain of the mundane life. In the areas saturated with divine exhilaration, sadhaks touch the deepest layer of their Being. Nature is the  voice of the silent God. The tranquil surrounding is the proof of God’s underlying principle that activates the cosmos. In the depth of silence, the  voice of God is heard, through the language of LOVE. Situated amidst nature’s  bounty and grandeur our Pollachi ashram helps to explore the majesty of our self. The serenity that is the hallmark of this place helps us to dive deep into the ocean of meditation to get the pearl of His connection.


This Retreat is an eye opener, allowing us to meet and celebrate everyday life through the eyes of the Enlightened One. Welcome to explore your Transcendental Nature!

09 December, 2016