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Vallalar Mission "Be Earnest - One should have to hunger after truth Be Thyself - One should avoid getting caught by delusion Be Watchful - One should be constantly vigilant over the activities of the senses" - vallalar

In 1870 our swami settled in this small village called Mettukuppam. On the advent of our swami here, the people of the hamlet dedicated an Ashram to him. Swami lived here and named the Ashram as ‘Siddhivalaagam’.

1) Swami wrote Arutperunjothi Agaval poem here.

2) For the first time swami hoisted Sanmarga flag bearing yellow and white colours at the front of the Siddhivalagam on 15/11/1872 and addressed the people ‘The Great Sermon’.

3) Swami started light worship as a common altar for all the people in the world.

4) Swami transfigured his physical body into a deathless immortal body.

5) On 30-01-1874 swami merged with the Divine.

09 December, 2016