Arul Poorana Siddhi Yogam – An Awakening Experience

Having tied up to worldly responsibilities, even earnest ones find it difficult to maintain their inner balance. To help them come out of the life of boredom and stress, we conduct one day meditation camp in the different parts of our state. Besides providing a diversion from the daily routine, they are given a chance to be with their own selves. This is a unique meditation program scientifically structured which helps one to attain inner development and complete harmony between the physical, mental and spiritual realms of each individual. Jothi Meditation – a powerful meditation technique, simple asanas, pranayamas are taught for their higher benefit. Spiritual Satsang is given and concerned doubts are clarified.

Azhnilai Dhyana Mugaam – Meet Your Transcendental Nature

The ultimate ideal of human existence is enjoying the everlasting bliss of the Supreme Divine by transforming oneself into a body free from disease, aging, decay and death. Profound meditation techniques are taught to transcend mind and to attain self realization and giving a way to God realization. To unravel the greatest mysteries of our self, one has to transcend the body, mind and senses. Without breaking the barriers of these, one’s efforts land in futility. In the serene depth of meditation the glorious nature of the resplendent self is revealed. The bewitching senses lure ordinary mortals away from spiritual pursuits.

Pancha Suddhi Kriya  – Nurturing the Divine Body


 A unique retreat, Anandhakriya takes you to a profound level of physical and spiritual cleansing. Here we aim to bring forth ancient cleansing methods and therapies to detoxify and strengthen the body in preparation for deep levels of spiritual practice. This 3 days experience offers a nurturing space where the essence of your unique existence can be found. Throughout the retreat you observe silence and receive various practical techniques to sustain this spiritual harmony in daily life and to gain a deep natural restfulness from within. Pancha Suddhi Kriya restores health and rebalances body to complete harmony by activating its self healing potential.

Five methods of Kriyas-

1. Snanam : Herbal Bath.

2. Anjanam : Eye Application.

3. Vamanam : Emesis Therapy.

4. Virechanam : Purgation Therapy.

5. Nasyam: Nasal Administration and with

6. Herbal based diet.

Natural Living Health Camp – An unique program for complete living

This is a much advanced camp for overall development of body, mind and soul. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. The body is the rarest gift from God. After lots of merits in our previous births we have got this human form. Neither undue, nor less importance should be given to it. We must take reasonable care of our body to make it a befitting instrument for our spiritual journey. This camp helps to awaken the lost health and vitality. Through panchakarma method vadam, pittam and slethumam are harmonised in our bodies. The weak cells and tissues are awakened to work more efficiently. This retreat is the journey into a world of natural health. This three days retreat includes

  1. Banana Leaf Bath.
  2. Serpent mound mud Bath.
  3. Herbal Oil Bath.
  4. Herbal based diet.

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