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Swami Was A Gnana Siddhar Emphasises On Compassion Towards All Beings

Swami was a Gnana Siddha who put before the people the deathlessness of body as an essential part of the realization of the One Blissful Divine. Swami was an embodiment of great compassion and he was not for discarding it for any reason. On the other hand if compassion was to be taken away from him, his life also would come to an end. So intense is love for the humanity at large and the other living creatures.

Human compassion is the only ladder to the spiritual heights.

Swami Ramalinga Vallalar

Samarasa Sathya Sanmargam

Swami lived in the midst of people, healing their ailments and teaching them the principles of Samarasa Suddha Sanmargam which is a happy combination of service to fellow beings and spiritual experience. The path of suddha sanmargam is not a new religion but it wants one not to be confined within the limits of any one religion but to reach high spiritual realms, shedding all difference of caste, creed, religion, nationality etc, and to experience the Ultimate reality.

Soul Love Fosters Spiritual Integration


Soul Love Fosters Universal Integration

The right of all souls for integration through soul love is one of the chief ideal of Suddha Sanmargam. The pivot of soul love is the growing knowledge of God. One’s realization of integration with all souls will lead one to ultimate integration (or) Union with God.

01. Soul Integration
02. Universal Love
03. Spiritual Unity
Sathya Dharmasalai

Temple of Wisdom

According to Path of Suddha Sanmarga, the prime aspects of human life should be love connected with charity and spiritual practice leading to achievement of pure knowledge bestowed by Divine Grace. Both of these aspects were embodied by Swami Vallalar into two buildings Sathya Dharmasalai and Sathya Gnana Sabha respectively.


Started in the year 1867 by Swami Vallalar and been serving food to the poor and needy non-stop


Inspiring Equality Advocate

God is the father of the whole humanity and other beings and He showers his Grace on all without making any differences and discriminations. Why should man discriminate between humans? Hence our swami declares that Sathya Gnana Sabha – The Hall of Wisdom at Vadalore will give more inspiration to those who sincerely advocates equality of men. In his view it is not only a social reform but also a social atmosphere conducive to healthy spiritual progress.


Siddhivalagam - Place of Immortality

In 1870 our swami settled in a small village called Mettukuppam. On the advent of our swami here, the people of the hamlet dedicated an Ashram to him. Swami lived here and named the Ashram as ‘Siddhivalagam’. Swami wrote Arutperunjothi Agaval poem here.

” On 30-01-1874 Swami Vallalar merged with the Divine inside this holy room “