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In 1870 our swami settled in a small village called Mettukuppam. On the advent of our swami here, the people of the hamlet dedicated an Ashram to him. Swami lived here and named the Ashram as ‘Siddhivalagam’.
Swami wrote Arutperunjothi Agaval poem here.

For the first time swami hoisted Sanmarga flag bearing yellow and white colours at the front of the Siddhivalagam on 22/10/1873 and addressed the people ‘The Great Sermon’.

Swami started light worship as a common altar for all the people in the world.

Swami transfigured his physical body into a deathless immortal body.


On 30-01-1874 swami merged with the Divine in the holy room inside siddhivalaagam

The above symbolization can be explained in another way as below. Generally people are living a sensuous physical life in this world. In order to transcend to the higher life of Divinity, a person must pass on the gross, subtle and causal bodily stages and take shelter in the soul-abode. The above three stages are embodied in the symbolic Temple at Vadalore. The practical experience of this Temple is realisable only at the head level. The first stage of living gross body of eight spans is represented by the octagonal structure of the Temple surrounded by iron-chain fencing. The human body measures eight spans only and the duplicate of the chains in the outer fence contains 21,600 knots, representing the number of times he breathes per day through the holes of the nostrils in the ordinary course. The second subtle bodily state is denoted by the inner octagonal space covered with the walls containing twenty four openings of doors and windows. This indicates the 24 tatwas (body philosophy). The third stage of the causal bodily stage is sanctum sanctorum with the Divine Light put upon the central altar with five steps on each of the four sides depicting the penta forces of the Almighty. In between the second and third stage, there are seven curtains which act as a bar to perceive the inner light by ordinary man. But the appearance of curtains is only an illusion and not real. At the time of worship, one is to stand before the central spot of the main poor from where he can perceive the Divine Light in front of him and from there he can see the golden and silver apartments in either side of him. All these are to enlighten the inner Divinity to be experienced starting from the centre of the eye brows.


On the third day of Thaipoosam festival, Thiruvarai – the Holy Room inside Siddhivalaagam is opened for public Dharshan. Thousands of people worship the Holy room to get Swamis benediction.