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Universal Brotherhood

The Chief ideal of the “Samarasa Suddha Sanmargam” consists in insisting on the promotion of “Universal Brotherhood”. The doctrine of Universal Brotherhood implies not only Universal Love and the right of every soul to love and to be loved but also the equality of all individuals whatever their social status, caste, religion, nation and other affinities may be. Further one should deem the other soul virtually as one’s self. This ‘Oneness’ is the resultant of soul love.

The Right Of All Souls For Integration Through Soul Love

The right of all souls for integration through soul love is one of the chief ideal of Suddha Sanmargam. The pivot of soul love is the growing knowledge of God. One’s realization of integration with all souls will lead one to ultimate integration (or) Union with God.

‘Arutperunjothi’ The Unique One Common Reality

The lord who dances in the ‘Space Of Grace’ is the unique, supreme lord for all the Universes, just as there is only one soul in a body and not two or three says swami. Our swami put forths “Arutperunjothi” the common reality as the only truth and ideal to be cherished and aimed at by humanity. There is no plurality in the Ultimate.   Rejoicing at the realization of this supreme reality through direct experience is the foremost landmark of Samarasa Suddha Sanmargam.

One Become The Embodiment Of Grace :

Realization of the Lord’s grace enables the soul to know itself  as ‘a space of grace’ that is, as one whose very nature is compassion. As soon as the soul thus realizes itself, it becomes qualified for achieving God-realization. This is testified to by the direct experiences of our Swami. Hence, swami states that the main means stipulated in the Suddha Sanmargam is ‘one becoming the embodiment of Grace’.

Compassionate Service To All Fellow Beings

The perception of One Supreme Reality, along with the knowledge that the tribes, castes, creed and different social strata are farce, will remove all the barriers in the paths of congenial human relationship all over the world, which should be developed through compassionate outlook and service. So next to the perception of the common Reality, compassion is the other land mark of Suddha Sanmargam. Infact this perception and unconditional compassion towards all fellow beings make this path universal.

The more the melting of souls for each other, the easier will be the direct manifestation of God’s Grace. It is human sympathy that leads to Divine Grace. In one of his percepts swami says that the natural trait of the soul is compassion and that if a soul realizes its ultimate sphere through compassionate service to fellow beings, it will surely experience the union with God.

Aspects of Compassionate service

Our swami emphatically declares that love for God will develop in the human mind only when man develops compassion towards his fellow beings and prepares the ground for Divine Grace. Without Divine Grace abiding love for God is not possible.

Worship through service -

Our swami describes compassionate service in his own way as an act of worship performed by one through the softening of one’s soul caused by the suffering of other souls in hunger, diseaase, thirst, poverty, fear etc. Swami explains..

“The more the soul-melting or compassion occurs in the living beings with regard to other suffering living beings, the more the grace which is God’s effulgence existing inside the soul will manifest and become effulgent to perfection; when that Holy Grace manifests, the God’s Bliss is experienced to the complete perfection. The worship of the God is only the attainment of perfection of that experience.”

Salvation through service -

Our swami equally deplores and condemns the act of the pious people in ignoring the poor and destitute and says that even if they practice yoga, penance, telling of beads and meditation they will be far away from God’s Grace. Thus he ably brings out the importance of compassionate service in the fulfillment of higher ideals and the spiritual field. Promoting human compassion is the way for salvation.

Non-killing and not taking flesh

Swami condemns chiefly the sacrifice of life performed in the name of various types and names of God. He is somewhat harsh when he refers to flesh eaters. He addresses them as ‘corpses’, He describes fleshly food as an inducement for the rise and development of lower tendencies. He says that the mind of the flesh eater cannot at all sense the inner self. We can infer from this that such will be the tendencies developed in the psyche of the total personality of an individual by the bodily tendencies which are nourished by flesh. Swami further says that when the inner self is not realized, knowledge of God is not possible and that therefore flesh is a food of lower tendencies.

Worship Of Light

The next significant aspect of the Suddha Sanmargam is the worship of Light. Swami experienced the Lord as the light. All his experiences in the higher realm of spirituality where chiefly related to vision of amount of light. Thus our Swami through his Suddha Sanmargam brought the whole worlds under a common altar of light worship.

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The Art Of Deathlessness :

Our swami states that, “I do not advocate deathlessness with any worldly ambition in my mind. I say all these out of compassion for you. I earnestly wish you to get the same bliss that I get. It is not I that speak; it is indeed the Lord in me that makes me a tool, for conveying this messege to you. The Lord, the Common Reality dances with all His radiant grace. Make up your mind to embrace him.”