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Swami Ramalingam, popularly known as Thiruvarutprakasa Vallalar. The great munificent, is regarded as the foremost of the Saints and Sages considering the heights, widths, depths and intimacies of his realization of the Divine in all the inmost, outer and the outmost parts of his being.

Swami was a Gnana Siddha who put before the people the deathlessness of body as an essential part of the realization of the One Blissful Divine. Swami was an embodiment of great compassion and he was not for discarding it for any reason. On the other hand if compassion was to be taken away from him, his life also would come to an end. So intense is love for the humanity at large and the other living creatures.

Harmony of Compassion and Divine Knowledge

We taken that Swami’s experience in higher realms the experience that gave him sublime knowledge of the Divine and his compassion towards all grew simultaneously each helping the other. Swami’s own experience proved to us beyond any doubts that human compassion is the only ladder to the spiritual heights. He prayed to Lord for miraculous powers, not for self – aggrandizement but for compassion towards all souls.

Throughout his life he was doing compassionate service to all souls and when such service was not possible with the normal, limited human abilities he prayed unceasingly to the Lord to equip him with more than normal power. Our Swami was a born Tamil poet. He was one of the very few of his generations who not only achieved the final end of human existence through direct experience but also filled the atmosphere and surroundings with expressions of his expressions through poetry and prose. Swami has written six thousand verses of Divine inspiration “ThiruArutpa”. The life works of our swami consists major portion in the form of poetry and rest are some musical composition, a few prose works, a few commentaries, a few letters written by him to his followers and the collection of his oral teachings, later recorded by his disciples.


Birth Place

One day, when Ramiah Pillai was away from home, a saffron-clad saint came to their house. The guest was treated courteously and fed with good dishes. Having been pleased immensely with the courteous given to him, the saint at the time of his departure, blessed her with some sacred ash (Vibudhi) and uttered the following words. “you will beget a son, who will be able to deliver the art of deathlessness, which will be a boon to the entire world” So saying the saint disappeared. The very moment the lady heard the words of the saint that she would bring forth a child, she got conceived. Days passed in and at the end of the gestation period, the lady gave birth to a male child on the 5th day of October 1823. Blessed by the Divine Grace, the beloved parents named the child as Ramalingam and showered their love and affection. Marudhur is 10 kms away from Vadalore. Thousands of devotees visit Marudhur for receiving swami’s blessings.


In 1870 our swami settled in a small village called Mettukuppam. On the advent of our swami here, the people of the hamlet dedicated an Ashram to him. Swami lived here and named the Ashram as ‘Siddhivalagam’.

  • Swami wrote Arutperunjothi Agaval poem here.
  • For the first time swami hoisted Sanmarga flag bearing yellow and white colors at the front of the Siddhivalagam on 22/10/1873 and addressed the people ‘The Great Sermon’.
  • Swami started light worship as a common altar for all the people in the world.
  • Swami transfigured his physical body into a deathless immortal body.
  • On 30-01-1874 swami merged with the Divine in the holy room inside siddhivalaagam.
  • On the third day of Thaipoosam festival, Thiruvarai – the Holy Room inside Siddhivalaagam is opened for public Dharshan. Thousands of people worship the Holy room to get Swamis benediction.

Started in the year 1867 by Swami Vallalar and been serving food to the poor and needy non-stop


Inspiring Equality Advocate

God is the father of the whole humanity and other beings and He showers his Grace on all without making any differences and discriminations. Why should man discriminate between humans? Hence our swami declares that Sathya Gnana Sabha – The Hall of Wisdom at Vadalore will give more inspiration to those who sincerely advocates equality of men. In his view it is not only a social reform but also a social atmosphere conducive to healthy spiritual progress.


Siddhivalagam Inspiration

In 1870 our swami settled in a small village called Mettukuppam. On the advent of our swami here, the people of the hamlet dedicated an Ashram to him. Swami lived here and named the Ashram as ‘Siddhivalagam’. Swami wrote Arutperunjothi Agaval poem here.

” On 30-01-1874 Swami Vallalar merged with the Divine inside this holy room “