Daily Annadhanam

The sadhus are the one who have relinquished all their mundane ties. They are in the quest of God realization. They are oblivion to their thirst, hunger and bodily comforts. It is our utmost duty to serve these selfless souls who are the real source of light to mortals wallowing in ignorance. We have taken upon ourselves, as a divine dispensation to provide the basic needs of these soul seekers. Every day hundreds of sadhus are fed besides serving poor and destitute people. Their health is also taken care of by our medical services. More

“Thus feeding the hungry, extending mercy to the suffering, prevention of killing i.e. violence, having an attitude of Ahimsa in thought and deed and above all a compassionate approach to all problems is a must for man to obtain divine bliss’’
Swami Thiruvarutprakasa Vallalar

Gosalai (Byre)

Cows are the foremost of all living beings. Themselves sacred, they are the best of cleansers and sanctifiers. Cows are said to represent the highest energy in this world. Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated’. Cows are taken care in our Gosala run by our trust. More


It is our conviction that all life forms are manifestations of God in the lower level of evolution and that human birth itself is a step forward from past existence to animal form. The difference between man and animals was only in terms of tattvas (principles) and gunas (qualities). Thus human life is precious because it is attained after many levels of existence in lower form. If the value of such an opportunity is ignored he will only degenerate into lower level again. This belief continues even today among the Pious. Not merely that. The devout person has a sense of gratitude towards all beings that help out in his existence. He respects all beings as himself.

Each one of us can help prevent animals from killing simply by choosing vegetarian food. ‘Vegetarian diets can meet all the recommendation for nutrients’. One of the main goal of our Mission is to propagate the benefits of Vegetarianism by giving pamphlets, books, showing visual demonstration amongst the public.

“To kill a being to appease the hunger of another being with meat is not at all following the policy of showing compassion to living beings and it doesn't have the approval of God and is completely against these; all living beings are part and parcel of the Natural truth and are the place for the manifestation of Grace which is God's Natural Manifestation; when God's Natural Manifestation gets veiled, life’s nature will not be there, God's natural manifestation and life's natural manifestation are not contrary to each other; God’s natural manifestation and life's manifestation reveal themselves in each and everybody; therefore, it should be understood that to kill a being to appease the hunger of another being is fully against the policy of showing compassion to all living beings’’

Swami Ramalinga Vallalar

Medical Camp

Our Trust frequently conducts free medical camps in the Villages. Allopathy, Siddha, Ayurvedha, Acupressure, Varma and Traditional medicines are the types of treatments given to the public depends upon their health needs. More

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