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Vallalar Mission "Be Earnest - One should have to hunger after truth Be Thyself - One should avoid getting caught by delusion Be Watchful - One should be constantly vigilant over the activities of the senses" - vallalar

Thaipoosam celebrations at vadalur , is one of the major activities of our mission.


Satyagnana Sabha or the “Temple of Wisdom” is an octagonal structure constructed by the Saint Ramalinga Vallalar in the town of Vadalur in Cuddalore district. The sanctum sanctorum of this temple is concealed from the main hall by seven curtains which are parted fully on Thai Poosam day (On monthly poosam star day only six screens are unveiled for jothi dharshan).  To impress the truth that God helps devotees as a Grace-light, Vallalar created this lotus designed Sabha, lighting the lamp inside the Sabha.


The Arutperunjothi Agaval authored by Swami Vallalar is engraved here. There is a mirror in front of the lamp and curtains of black, blue, green, red, golden and white and multi colours. When the curtains are removed, the jothi could be seen through the mirror. That is to say that man could see the light in him if he removes the seven bad traits in him.


Once in a year these seven screens are removed and devotees are blessed with Jyothi Dharshan on thaipoosam day. In the early morning of this  uspicious day to the utter amazement of the devotees, the Sun, the Jyothi and the moon are seen in the same line. One could see these three together. Sun represents Ida nadi and the moon pingala nadi. If there is harmonious flow of breath in the nostrils which represents these two nadis the third eye is opened. This is the culmination of all spiritual activities. More than ten lakhs devotees throng to witness this rare phenomenon. From our trust we make staying arrangements, give annandhanam and conduct satsangs for the devotees.

09 December, 2016