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Pacha Suddhi Kriya

Nurturing the Divine Body

Restores health and rebalances body to complete harmony by activating its self healing potential.

A unique retreat, Anandhakriya takes you to a profound level of physical and spiritual cleansing. Here we aim to bring forth ancient cleansing methods and therapies to detoxify and strengthen the body in preparation for deep levels of spiritual practice. This 3 days experience offers a nurturing space where the essence of your unique existence can be found. Throughout the retreat you observe silence and receive various practical techniques to sustain this spiritual harmony in daily life and to gain a deep natural restfulness from within. Pancha Suddhi Kriya restores health and rebalances body to complete harmony by activating its self healing potential.

Five methods of Kriyas :
Snanam : Herbal Bath.
Anjanam : Eye Application.
Vamanam : Emesis Therapy.
Virechanam : Purgation Therapy.
Nasyam: Nasal Administration and with Herbal based diet.

Future Plans of the Trust

  1. To construct a centre for medical Aid for all the classes of people by providing free healthcare treatment and conducting awareness program to live a healthy life.
  2. To provide home for homeless widows, destitute children, create shelter home for aged etc.
  3. To construct a higher secondary school and junior college. Also construct a centre for the vocational training and empowerment of girls and women’s.
  4. To construct and run technical schools, study centre and non-formal education classes.
  5. To construct primary health centre to provide medical help to the poor and needy.
  6. To establish a home for destitute girls and children who are victims of nature calamities and disasters. To establish a complete village to shelter such orphan children with the facilities of schools, medical centre etc.
  7. To establish a home for animals (Ex. Goshala,) to protect themselves from being killed either by accidents or from slaughter houses.

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